How does it work? The HCG diet targets a certain type of fat that the body usually stores and forgets its there. This "fat reserve" will be made available for your metabolism to burn, giving you extra energy and getting rid of the unwanted fat at the same time!

Lose up to 2lbs. a day! The diet program is designed to re-program your metabolism and help maintain your goal weight after you finish all four phases of the diet. Follow through with the program and you'll love the results!

Eating healthy is half the battle! Taking in the right types of foods is essential for weight loss. Your body will soon adapt to healthy, pure food, maximizing your weight loss. After the diet is complete, and you have reached your goal weight, then you may eat what you desire! Until then, we've provided for you a few recipes to help you along!

See it to believe it! The HCG diet really works. Its been proven effective by people before you, and will still be effective for the people after you. Many are very thankful and happy for the new body they now have! View these success stories from people just like you, and see the success of the HCG diet!


You are about to embark on a wonderful journey that will make you smile and jump for joy! I've struggled, you've stuggled; it's time to conquer our weight issues once and for all!

The Skinny Up! program is real and it works--no smooth talk, no slick advertising, and no exaggerated claims of success. The Skinny Up! program produces results that are typical in the majority of individuals.

Education and Commitment--that's all it takes. So let's get started!




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